1.Fluorescent brightener  VBL

Manufacturer supply [china]*

CAS No.: 1533-45-5

EINECS No.: 40470-68-6

HS Code: 3204200000

MF: C36H34N12O8S2Na2

Cationic distyrene fluorescent brightener, with medium solubility in water and purplish blue fluorescence. Used in pulp brightening, surface sizing and coating, etc. Can also be used to brighten cotton, T/C blends, flax, polyamide fibers, and light-color textiles.

Application method:
Paper making :
1. When brighten in pulp, BA should be added before alum or cationic auxiliary agent; dosage: 0.05-0.4% (of absolute dry pulp).
2. In surface sizing, it can work with CMC, PVA, starch, or anionic or weak cationic synthetic sizing agent.
3. In coating, it can be used at any stage of coating production in the form of aqueous solution after dissolved.
Textile printing and dyeing :
Dosage: 0.05-0.4%(o.w.f), bath ratio: 1:5-40, anhydrous sodium sulfate: 5-20g/L, normal-temperature dyeing, dyeing temperature:60-100οC, PH: 7-9.


2. Phthalocyanine Blue

Manufacturer supply [china]*

HS Code:3204

CAS No.: 147-14-8

MF: C32H16 CuN8

Appearance:powder,bright color,strong coloring
Applications:Mainly used  in paint ,printing,pigment,coating, ink,print oil industry,

as well as plastic,rubber coloring products
Storage: Sealed, stored in ventilating and dry place, away from heat, fire and alkali.


3. Permanent Yellow G

Manufacturer supply [china]*

 HS Code: 32049090

CAS No.: 6528-34-3

MF: C18H18N4O6

EINECS No.: 229-419-9


Shade: Bright Yellow

Main Application: Water base Ink and Textile Printing


4. Phthalocyanine Green G

Manufacturer supply [china]*

HS Code:32064100

CAS No.: 1328-53-6

MF: C32H16CuN8

EINECS No.: 215-524-7

Used: It is used for coloring of paints. printing ink, varinished cloth and things of culture & education.

Shape and properties]: It is deep green posder with bright color and high coloring ability. It can't dissolve in water and ordinary solvent.
It's olive green in concentrated sulphuric acid and turns to green sediment after diluted. It has good sunning-resistance and heatresistance which belong to chorocopper phthalocyanine fade-less color.


5. Red Lead

Manufacturer supply [china]*

HS Code:28249010

CAS No.: 1332-37-2

MF: Fe2O3

EINECS No.: 402-400-4

Properties: With a specific gravity of 9.1, strong adhesion and covering power, easily biodegradable at high temperature, dissolved in overheated alkali, partly soluble in acid, insoluble in water.

Applications: It is used in anti-rust paint, glass, tube, ceramic, pharmaceuticals and other industries.

Technical Specification: GB/T1705-1986 (paint-class red lead, electronic red lead, glass-class red lead)


6. Medium Chrome Yellow

Manufacturer supply [china]*

CAS No.: 1344-32-7

MF: PbCrO4

EINECS No.: 205-685-1

HS Code: 32062000

Usage: Pigmentpaintglassbuilding ceramic colorantsprinting-inkchrome platingchromium metal productionfire-proof materials

Character: Green powder with strong coloring strength and covering strength.
Usage:  Pigmentpaintglassbuilding ceramic colorantsprinting-inkchrome       platingchromium metal productionfire-proof materialsetc.
Package: in  bags of 25kg net each. 
Executing standards: HGT2775-1996


7. Pigment Red

Manufacturer supply [china]*

HS Code:32064900

CAS No.: 6410-30-6

EINECS No.: 213-561-3


1) Color shade: bright bulish red

2) Relative density: 1.40-1.50

3) Bulik density: 111.6-12.5 lb/gal

4) Average grain diameter: 0.06-0.07 μm

5) PH(10% sizing): 6.2-6.7

6) Oil absorption: 40-65 g/100g

7) Heat resistance: 300

8) Light fastness: 8

9) Resistance transference: 5

Range of Applications: Solvent paint, Plastic. Textile Printing.

8. Carbon Black

Manufacturer supply [china]*

HS Code:28030010

CAS No.: 1333-864

EINECS No.: 215-609-9

Appearance:easy and very fine black powder-like material.

purposes: mainly for the reinforcement of rubber and filler, its consumption is about half the consumption of rubber, carbon black rubber accounts for about 94% of total carbon black. Also used as ink, paint, plastics coloring agents and plastic products of UV shield. Also electrodes, batteries, resistors, Explosive, cosmetics and other additives.


9. Iron Oxide

Manufacturer supply [china]*

Red / Yellow / Black / Green / Brown Iron Oxide

HS Code:28211000

CAS No.: 1332-37-2

MF: Fe2O3

EINECS No.: 215-570-8

Uses: Construction, Coating & Paint, Ink, Rubber, Plastic, etc.

Packing: 25kg in net PP bag, 20MT in the 20'FCL(Iron Oxide Red)

13MT in the 20'FCL(Iron Oxide Yellow)

1. Coating, antirust pigment.
2. Tinting of rubber, plactic product, scagliola, wall, terrazzo.
3. Raw material of the chemical product contain iron such as oil paint, concoctive paint.


10. Chrome Oxide Green

Manufacturer supply [china]*

HS Code:28199000

CAS No.: 1308-38-9

MF: Cr2O3

EINECS No.: 215-160-9

Character: Green powder with strong coloring stength and good dispersion .

Usage: specilized in paint and coating making



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