Sodium hydroxide

Sodium hydroxide

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H.S. Code: 2815110000

CAS No.: 1310-73-2



Sodium hydroxide is a basic chemical raw materials, the appearance of white flakes and transparent solid. Strong corrosive, water absorption, can be used as desiccant, however, can not dry and sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and hydrogen chloride and other acid gases. Soluble in water, and strongly exothermic. And soluble in ethanol and glycerol; insoluble in acetone, ether. Exposed on the air, the final will be completely dissolved into solution.

Main uses:

1.the manufacture of chemicals, paper, aluminum smelting,

2.refining tungsten, artificial silk, rayon and soap manufacturing, production of dyes,
plastics, pharmaceutical and organic intermediates, the old rubber recycling,
metal sodium, water electrolysis as well as the inorganic salt production,
3.Preparation of borax, chromium salts, manganese salts, phosphate, etc. need to
use a lot of caustic soda.


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